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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Aid

Q: Do you have installment plan or loan?

A: Our course consists of 3 modules, so you can choose to pay as you go. (For Example, you can choose module 1 in SEP, module 2 in OCT, module 3 in DEC. You must complete all 3 modules in order to receive a certificate of completion.)



Q: After completion of these courses, what advantages will I get?

A: The program prepares students for life as a flight attendant and includes key lessons on safety, protocols, customer service, and flight regulations.

     Students will also learn interview skills that will make them more marketable for commercial airlines.

     Upon completion, they will be prepared to start a career as a corporate or charter company flight attendant or be able to apply to cabin crew positions at commercial airlines.


Q: Do you have requirement?

A: More than 18 years old, and high school diploma


Q: My passport is not USA. Do I need visa or ESTA?

A: ESTA is enough.

Dress code

Q: What kind of dress code do I wear during lesson?

A: Business casual code required


Q: What materials will PanAm give students?

A: Original textbooks will be given to students.

ANA group

Q: What kind of collaboration is between Pan Am and ANA group

A: ANA group, SKYTRAX 5 STAR Airline and Pan Am together created a new program. You can experience a special program only here. 

Strategic Alliance Partner

Q: After Graduation, will students have the opportunity to have a interview by Strategic Alliance Partner?

A: Yes, the last day in module 3, some companies will come to see. For details, please contact us.

JOB Salary

Q: What is the salary and job outlook like for flight attendants?

A: the median pay for flight attendants is $48,500 per year. Entry level flight attendants can expect to start out around $14-$15 an hour. Flight attendants can expect to receive medical insurance and other employee benefits while working for an airline and will also be granted travel benefits for themselves and immediate family members.

(Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Flight Attendants.)

Job Demand

Q:What is the future forecast of airline industry requiring flight attendant?

A:The airline industry will require 839,000 flight attendant during 2017-2036.

(Source: Boeing forecast issued in 2017)

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