Type Rating & ATP/CTP Campaign

At Pan Am International Flight Academy, we are pleased to announce that our B737NG, B737CL Type Rating and ATP/CTP Program are now available at a special price for Individuals. They are limited in number of available seats so make sure you don’t miss this great opportunity to deepen your knowledge as an airline pilot professional.


Type Rating Course Amount (Per Pilot)
B737NG  Full Ground School Training $   13,674   
 Home Study Training $   11,723   
 Reduced Training $     7,644   
B737CL  Full Ground School Training $   11,475   
 Home Study Training $     8,995   
 Reduced Training $     6,334   



ATP/CTP Program Amount (Per Pilot)
ATP/CT  In Miami* $    3,995   
 In Las Vegas $    3,995   



*If you are SOLO, you must choose NPNP days (NPNP means No Partner, No Problem!)

*This offer is only available to unbooked customers

* The above price is only for published class dates and the duration of this promotion.

* ATP/CTP Program includes written exam in Miami Only


Notice (In Regards Training Schedules and Duration)


Once the latest schedule is sent out, Pan Am International Flight Academy reserves the right to make changes with minimal notice to accommodate partnering and or operational needs.


Campaign Schudule


July 2nd,  2018


December 17th, 2018




Type Rating & ATP/CTP